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the Magazine AM is a monothematic magazine published by the degree course graphic design at the state academy of arts and design stuttgart. It is published twice a year since 1996 and adresses social and cultural themes. AM has a 1000 copies edition and sells at national and international level in renown bookshops as well as in online-Shops. The 21st issue of AM deals with as vast a subject as paradise.



AA Bronson, August Engelhardt, Prof. Dr. Ben Moore, Benedikt Eisenhardt, Dr. phil. Christian Rätsch, Dr. phil. Claudia Müller-Ebeling, Dr. Hannelore Paflik Huber, Hans Fellner, Jakob Lauer, Josephine Witt, Mark Twain, Peter Buchholtz, Prof. Dr. Ruth Scoralick, Stefan Klein, Justine Szczepanczyk, Magdalena Wosinska, Magnus Wiedenmann, Mark Whalen, Matt Lief Anderson, Stefan Marx, Sven Weber, TJ Tambellini



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Sara Cristina Moser & Mado Klümper

| december 2015


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self published art book about bending positions. Produced during a two days workshop with Antonio de Luca.Limited production of 10 books. Printed with a risograph.


| april 2014