völlig banane

the dangerous demagoguery of Donald Trump.


poster competition: mutzurwut 2016


| cmyk silkscreen printed




hashtag me


poster competition: mutzurwut 2016





work work work

poster for workshops with Ludovic Balland,
Anna Lena von Helldorff, Ábel Salontai, Stéphanie Wunderlich & Julian Zimmermann at the state academy of arts and design stuttgart.


| silkscreen printed



design talks

poster for design talks from Paul Davis,
Sigi Ramoser and Javier Jaén at the state academy of arts and design stuttgart.


| february 2016

AM 21 – Pieces of paradise

poster design for the release of the magazine AM 21 – Pieces of paradise, at the Projektraum Lotte.



Sara Cristina Moser & Mado Klümper

| 2015


| offset and silkcreen printed

on the other side

wanting to reach the other side of the Mediterra-nean sea in the hope of finding a better life, refugees often pay a high price; their own lives. They might reach another side, but a side which does not have landing shores.


poster competition: mutzurwut | 2015


the second wave of a extreme brutality accomplished by the islamic state militant group.


poster competition: mutzurwut | 2015


workshop poster aligned to the story of pinocchio and the blue fairy; describing the transformation part from wood to meat.


| 2015


the character of Pinocchio, known for lying and making up stories, projected onto the Russian president Vladimir Putin. A personality who ma- nages to betray the whole world. One signifiant example is the current crisis in the ukraine. A deceitful and seemingly cooperative attitude can sometimes be more violent than visible open brutality.


poster competition: mutzurwut | 2014


poster for workshops with Antonio de Luca,

Hung Lam, 2xgoldstein, Götz Diergarten, Bernd Kuchenbeiser & Anja Lutz at the state academy of arts and design stuttgart.


| april 2014




apfelspalten | handteller, regen.

poster aligned with an short movie about the poet  Oswald Egger.


| 2012